• Blenheim Palace Estate

    "We have used Ted's services on several development projects to support planning application. His work has always been very professional and commercial. I would not hesitate in using his company's services again." Roger File, Blenheim Palace Estate

  • Gill Catton Ecology

    "Edward is always a pleasure to work with, he is intelligent, articulate and able to make excellent judgment calls even in very complex or difficult situations. His ecological skill base is very broad and I am particularly envious of his entomological abilities!

    I very much look forward to working with him again in the future!" Gill Catton Ecology

  • Leadbitter Group

    "We have worked with Windrush Ecology on many projects over the last year and have always received a very efficient and reliable service." David Fisher, Leadbitter Group

  • Wildwood Ecology Ltd.

    "We have worked with Ted on a number of projects and he has just joined the Wildwood Ecology project team for our third collaborative bid bringing additional skills to our in-house expertise. He produces very high quality work and keeps us up to date with progress throughout the project. I look forward to working with Ted more often in future." Richard Crompton, Wildwood Ecology Ltd.

  • Mrs Pratt, Homeowner in Oxfordshire

    "Thank you so so much for your prompt report, such a pleasure to work with such an efficient company and pleasant staff. A credit to your business in this day and age." Mrs D. Pratt

  • Mrs Watson, Landowner in Oxfordshire

    "Thank you so much for your comprehensive and brilliant report. We very much enjoyed reading it and all the positive things you have said about the proposed lake! Thank you." Mrs C. Watson, Landowner

  • Mr James, Landowner in Oxfordshire

    "....his report was a beautifully written, fascinating document. I knew it would be. He did a really excellent job.........From his report it seemed he knew more about bats and their habits than they do themselves, but he cost less than a plumber." Mr James

  • Mr Dunphy, Developer

    Thank you for producing what looks to be a very comprehensive and professional report. Thanks again, you have really been a pleasure to work with. Mr D. Dunphy

  • David, Planning Consultant

    Many thanks for the detailed survey.....I am most impressed with the way you responded to my request for an eraly response on your part. Will you please forward my thanks to Tracy for the way she carried out the survey. David

  • Richard Court Designs Ltd.

    “As a design company involved in planning applications on all scales, we have found Windrush Ecology to be invaluable. There are many issues that can be raised both during the planning process and after as conditions to an approval that need specialist input. Recently, Windrush Ecology has helped us deal with bat licence applications and bat loft design along with an extensive endangered species report. We have found that the fees provide excellent value and that all communications and reports are well structured and easily interpreted. Our excellent rating throughout reflects our experience, past, present and ongoing with Windrush Ecology.” Richard Court Designs Ltd.