Solar Farm near Burford, Oxfordshire - Habitat Surveys

Orchid Surveys

Recent months have seen further ecological survey work being undertaken at the proposed site of a new solar farm in Oxfordshire. The site, which is of particular interest botanically, has been the subject of a number of ecological surveys over recent years including reptile surveys, orchid surveys and specific surveys for nesting skylarks.

The project has seen the successful granting of planning consent and has secured the future management of a significant area of unimproved and botanically-rich grassland that is of particular value within this area of Oxfordshire. Windrush Ecology has worked closely with their client to ensure that the renewable energy project has moved forward smoothly, whilst protecting the distinctive ecological value of the site.

In January 2013, Windrush Ecology Ltd. were commissioned to undertake an extended Phase 1 habitat survey of the electrical cable route that is proposed to connect the new solar farm to the town of Carterton, Oxfordshire.

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