St. Mary’s Church, Oxfordshire - Bat Surveys

Bat Surveys

Windrush Ecology Ltd. was involved with the repair and renovation of St. Mary’s Church in Witney, Oxfordshire. Following initial bat surveys in 2010, Windrush Ecology has been employed to act as an Ecological Clerk of Works during the re-roofing of the north transept and the nave. This has included dusk and dawn bat activity surveys to look for bats exiting and re-entering the church, as well as building inspection surveys to look for evidence of bats within the church.

Windrush Ecology's involvement has also included the preparation of a Bat Mitigation Strategy to inform and direct the repair works to the roof of the church. Through the summer of 2011, several visits were made to the church to supervise the repair works and to check for bats and evidence of bats.

Since our involvement with St. Mary's Church in Witney, we have been involved in a number of other bat surveys at churches including St. Nicholas' Church in Kiddington, St. Peter's Church in Little Wittenham, both in Oxfordshire, and the Church of the Holy Cross in Bedfordshire.

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